Outdoor Fitness Sessions, 121 and Small Group PT

Outdoor Fitness Sessions

Safe, socially distanced, effective & fun

Outdoor Fitness (Bootcamp) Training is as popular now as ever.  Our outdoor sessions take place at Leafy Lane in Corsham on 8 acres of well kept, privately owed green space.  Sessions are 45 mins in duration and  include and mixture of functional circuit training, Cardio Vascular endurance, high Intensity interval training, Military style training and strength work.  


If you enjoy working out with like minded people in a fun, motivational and inclusive environment then this is definitely for you.  All fitness levels are welcome and the session will be tailored to your ability. Come along and get involved - Explore Outdoor Fitness.

Arm Strength

121 Personal Training

There's nothing like that personal touch

Investing in personal coaching is tried, tested and the most effective way to guarantee your fitness, strength or weight-loss results!


1-2-1 coaching is tailored and targeted to your specific individual needs and goals.  Not a fan of ‘the gym’ or prefer working out on your own terms? Got a specific goal to hit, want some bespoke coaching or maybe just need some accountability!


Sometimes nothing beats that personal touch - It’s all about you; Explore Personal Training.

Fitness Class

Small Group Training

Social, results driven & fun

Small group training offers most of the benefits of 1:21 training without the high price tag. Groups are kept to a max of 4 people and each participant will work within their own dedicated workout zone with their own dedicated equipment. A fun and effective way to work out with your friends, while maintaining current social distancing guidelines.

Got a group of up to 4 friends who want to get in shape or enjoy working out together? Why not Explore SGT?

Modern Gym

Online Coaching and Programming

Guidance and accountability


If you're not new to the gym or exercise but need someone to take the thinking out of your workouts, program your training and offer motivation and accountability, then online coaching is the way ahead for you.  

Tailored and goal specific workout plans, nutritional guidance, weekly check ins and progress reviews all to help you stay on track with your training.

Let us help you on your journey. You don't have to go it alone! Explore Online coaching.