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Explore Fitness


About Explore Fitness

Explore: To search and discover

Explore fitness is about going on an adventure to find out what you enjoy....it's just about being active in whatever way works for you.


What we do

Explore Fitness

As a certified trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or design your own. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today, we're always exploring new options...

Explore Personal Training

A greater sense of wellbeing

Explore Pole Fitness

Gain strength, confidence & creativity

Explore Flexibility Training

Improve active flexibility & range of motion


A Little Bit About Me

I had no intention of getting into fitness, I just went to a pole fitness class with a friend...and that was that, I'd found my thing (and everyone's 'thing' is different). I'd found a tribe I never knew existed, I felt better ​physically and mentally and it's taken me on many adventures to explore what else is out there that works for other people.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer & Optimum Performance

  • Xpert Levels 1-4 Pole Instructor

  • Xpert Spin Pole Instructor

  • 3 Star PDC Instructor & Grading Assessor


“Lou is the most talented and friendly instructor I could’ve ever dreamed of. Not only does she make every person feel comfortable, involved, safe and important, she has the skills that would make anyone instantly addicted to pole and a nature that allows freedom of expression, fun and self-love. A wonderful instructor and friend..”

Ashleigh O'Ferrall

“Lou has been my instructor for about 18 months. She has helped me achieve my goals and discover my abilities – with safety always the top priority. Lou has fostered an inclusive community of supportive students who celebrate each other’s successes.”

Zena Davis


Contact Me

Box, Wiltshire