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Explore: To search and discover

Explore fitness is about going on an adventure to find out what you enjoy....it's just about being active in whatever way works for you.


Meet Our Team

Adam Giles

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Adam’s holds a BSc in Sport and Performance science and Diplomas in Personal Training, Sports Conditioning an Advanced Sports Nutrition.  His drive for fitness, sport and personal development originally comes from a military career spanning some 15 years. Since entering the civilian health and fitness industry in 2013, he has had extensive experience in Personal Training, group exercise instruction and gym and management; both in the UK and in New Zealand. Adam has also tutored Personal Training and Fitness Instructing at both intermediate and advanced levels within tertiary education in the UK and NZ.

Louise Weeks

Co-Founder, Coach and Pole Fitness 'Ninja'

Lou is originally from a corporate background (learning and development and business consultancy) but found a passion for fitness and movement 6 years ago, when she began training in pole fitness in which she found a natural flair and talent. The step to become an instructor soon followed after discovering for herself how much fitness improved confidence, strength, stamina and flexibility for those who take part - something she wanted to share with others.  She has since been a pole fitness and aerial arts instructor both in NZ and the UK  instructing at a variety of levels.  In order to progress her qualifications and experience further, Lou trained in in becoming a Personal Trainer and AFAA Sunrise Yoga Instructor.


A Little Bit About Lou

I had no intention of getting into fitness, I just went to a pole fitness class with a friend...and that was that, I'd found my thing (and everyone's 'thing' is different). I'd found a tribe I never knew existed, I felt better ​physically and mentally and it's taken me on many adventures to explore what else is out there that works for other people.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer & Optimum Performance

  • Xpert Levels 1-4 Pole Instructor

  • Xpert Spin Pole Instructor

  • 3 Star PDC Instructor & Grading Assessor


A little bit about Adam

BSc Sport and Performance Science. L3 Personal Trainer. L3 Sports and Conditioning Coach. Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor.

With 15 years military experience and another 8 in the 'civilian' fitness industry there's not a lot I haven't come across in terms of physical training and exercise.  I believe that the fundamentals of improving your health and fitness are enjoyment, consistency and variation. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight and change your body composition,  improve your cardio endurance or smash some power-lifting PBs, I can help you achieve and surpass your goals.


What we do

Explore Fitness

Were are passionate about people.  We offer a varied but specialised number of classes and training styles (from Functional Circuit sessions, Strength and Endurance Training to Pole Fitness, Flexibility and Movement Flow) to suit all abilities and members of our community.  It is our aim to allow people to ‘Explore’ different fitness styles; to find out which one suits them best and allows them to experience different methods of training in order to improve their health, fitness and general wellbeing and happiness - Explore Fitness.

We offer a safe, motivational, community environment that focuses on both the physical and mental wellness of our members.  We strive to create an inclusive fitness community through classes and Small Group Training Sessions (up to 6 people). 

1-2-1 Personal Training and online coaching and programming is also available

 If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact us today, we're always exploring new options and ways in which to help people Explore the world of health and fitness further.

Fitness Class

Small Group Training

Safe, socially distanced, effective & fun

Small group training offers most of the benefits of 1:1 training without the high price tag. Groups are kept to a max of 5 people and each participant will work within their own dedicated workout zone with their own dedicated equipment. A fun and effective way to work out with your friends, while maintaining current social distancing guidelines.

Got a group of up to 5 friends who want to get in shape or enjoy working out together? Why not Explore SGT?

Arm Strength

Personal Training

There's nothing like that personal touch

Investing in personal coaching is a tried and tested way to guarantee your fitness results. 1-2-1 coaching is tailored and targeted to your specific individual needs and goals.  Not a fan of ‘the gym’ or prefer working out on your own terms? Got a specific goal to hit, want some bespoke coaching or maybe just need some accountability!

Sometimes nothing beats that personal touch - It’s all about you; Explore Personal Training.

Pole Dancer

Pole Fitness

Gain strength, confidence & creativity

A popular trend in the fitness world today. Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, Pole Fitness will improve your health and have you feeling great. 

Maybe you've seen the seemingly superhuman feats that somehow defy gravity and thought ‘I want to be able to do that’? Maybe you just want to have some fun and get creative, with the added bonuses of mental and physical fitness, strength, improved flexibility thrown in to the bargain? From complete beginner to advanced aerial artist, we’ve got you covered. - Explore Pole Fitness. 

Iyengar Yoga

Flexibility & Mobility Training

Improve active flexibility & range of motion

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.


“Lou is the most talented and friendly instructor I could’ve ever dreamed of. Not only does she make every person feel comfortable, involved, safe and important, she has the skills that would make anyone instantly addicted to pole and a nature that allows freedom of expression, fun and self-love. A wonderful instructor and friend..”

Ashleigh O'Ferrall

“Lou has been my instructor for about 18 months. She has helped me achieve my goals and discover my abilities – with safety always the top priority. Lou has fostered an inclusive community of supportive students who celebrate each other’s successes.”

Zena Davis


Contact Us - We're happy to help

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